Teh Parkster (oilspill) wrote,
Teh Parkster


I love you, I want to take you to England and marry you.

WTF WTF GINNY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR BRAIN YOU NEED TO GET MEDICATION NEED TO BE FUCKING SATED TRANQUILISED PUT DOWN HERE HAVE SOME Vs !! Somebody give her a call. She's unbearable when she's bored! D: *pulls away from the deranged woman's clutches*

EDIT. Look who's talking. You actually checked your journal! O: And whose brain needs checking again? I'm not the one whom several people found gallivanting around a strip club (for STRAIGHT MEN!), talking to myself about the wonders of MUSHROOMS and ELASTIC ARMS and SQUIGLY LEGS and you haven't even taken ANY at the time, mind you. Who needs medication now, huh? >P

Also. Dood. The capslock. The font size. The commas! That is all. u_u

EDIT: *rages in despair* I hate you. I absolutely hate you. I'm deleting this entry and changing my password (and shut up about your being my master and omniscient [EDIT. Do you even know what omniscient means? >D) and that shit - you are never touching this journal again) right now!

EDIT. Ahahahahaahaaaaa. *L*
I should prolly change the subject line to "Parks-sport." Kakakaka.

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