June 3rd, 2008

parks bent

WTF no papaya or guava or mansanas dance could ever pwn the happy which is BANANA! Ox

It's my birthday todaaaaaa~y.♥
What do you have for me? :3

EDIT. Wtf you don't post for more than a year, and you expect people who prolly hardly even know you anymore to GIVE YOU THINGS? WHAT. THE. FUCK. - Ginny

EDIT: gtfo my journal, you witch. People love me long time! O¦ (Why am I incapable of deleting your edits, why!)

EDIT. (Because. I own your soul.) And you still owe Reis answers to this meme. u.u *bark*

EDIT: (YEAH, WELL. REINE OWNS MY HEART.) *totally ignores that second statement*

EDIT. ( ............................... eww. mush. )



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... I only have 7 friends, and one of them is the person who tagged me for this, and another is a sadistic idiot bitch which I would rather not associate myself with, really - IF ONLY! - so. x____x
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