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So, um. HI. My name's Toby, and I'm here on Ginny's order to, uh, "entertain you, o avid viewers of Parker's site." She gave me the password to this account, saying that she trusts me not to go about telling People Named Parker Mackenzie what it is - unless he threatens to tell everyone about my Deepest Darkest Secret Whatever That Is. o_o

So, yeah. Parks has been trying very hard to busy himself with school lately but it seems that his efforts are slowly going to waste. He usually locks himself up in his room, and either sits in front of the PC all day or stares in front of the television screen (with or without controllers at hand) for hours, before trying once again to go to sleep. I would say that he makes me worry real bad - and he does, sorta - but, like my sister said, this kind of behavior is to be expected of him anyway. I just hope Ms. Sanchez from the drama club comes up with another project again, since that's "the only thing that can save Parks's brain from sure damnation," as Ginny would say. .-.
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